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The BirdSafe Wild Bird Feeder is the SAFE, SMART, and ECONOMICAL Way to Feed Wild Birds.

Are you using a refillable backyard birdfeeder? If so, are you CLEANING it every 2 Weeks with Chlorine bleach? According to backyard bird-feeding experts, you should be or you might be spreading disease among the backyard bird population in your area and not even know it.

The National Audubon Society says it’s critical to clean your refillable feeders every 2 weeks to help stop the spread of disease in the backyard bird population, but if you’d rather skip the messy cleanup and still enjoy feeding backyard birds safely, give our BirdSafe wild bird feeders a try.

Our eco-friendly, economical BirdSafe bird feeders can be refilled for up to 2 weeks, then just toss it in the recycle bin or compost pile, and assemble a fresh clean feeder.

Now you can enjoy backyard bird-feeding safely and skip the messy cleanup!


medicine iconHelps prevent the spread of disease in backyard bird populations caused by unsanitary feeders.

BirdSafe Feeder Assembly Video
BirdSafe Bird Feeder Assembly


medicine iconMade from completely compostable molded wood fiber and soy-based inks that are safe to use outdoors.

Where to Hang your BirdSafe feeder video
Where to hang your bird feeder


medicine iconClean, inexpensive, and disposable design is easy-to-assemble and no cleaning is required.

How to Refill your BirdSafe Bird Feeder
How to refill your bird feeder


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