Safe, Easy, and Biodegradable, our Disposable Bird Feeders are the BEST for Feeding Wild Birds.

Why a Disposable Bird Feeder?

"There are several diseases that wild birds can acquire at feeding stations if they are not properly cared for. Providing a safe-and-clean bird feeding environment will allow you to enjoy our feathered friends." - National Bird-Feeding Society (source)

Even the most experienced backyard bird feeders will admit they don't regularly clean or move their feeders. A dirty birdfeeder can harbor bacteria, mold and other disease agents that can decimate backyard bird populations. Infected birds can spread the illness to other backyards and wild populations, creating epidemic conditions that could wipe out entire nesting colonies if left unchecked.

The BirdSafe System Bird Feeders are completely biodegradable, so helping to prevent the spread of disease in wild bird populations is as easy as tossing the entire feeder into the recycle bin or compost pile.

BirdSafe Bird Feeder Packaging

Safe, Eco-Friendly Design.

The Birdsafe System Bird Feeders are made from eco-friendly and completely compostable molded wood fiber and soy based inks which are safe to use anywhere outdoors, including wooded areas. They are very safe for wild birds as they do not have any sharp points or edges and they are large enough to provide birds with enough space for feeding.

BirdSafe Bird Feeder Packaging